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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

For Otters, Eating With Your Hands is Polite!

gifs cute otters - 8299804928
Via esuswig
vegetables gerbil cute food Video - 65001985

Tiny Adorable Gerbil Won't Eat Her Vegetables

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Babies baby brother cat Cats cuddling cute kitten reader squees siblings sister - 4776300544
Created by kittykat09

I Tell You When to Walk!

kitten feet cute walking - 8290248448
Created by james.oconnor.33449

Baby "AW"ters

baby snuggle cute otters sleeping - 7770463744
Created by Fauxpaws

Toucan Take a Picture if Tou Want To

birds toucans cute Photo - 7997917696

This Makes Me Feel Twitterpated!

disney fawns skunks cute deer Flower bambi - 8002621952


bird cute pigeon pretty - 4216031488
Created by sixonefive72

This Napping Quoka is Having a Sweet Dream

cute - 8260611584
Created by sixonefive72

Two Fluffies Collide

cute kitten guinea pig squee - 8257636608
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A Big Version and A Small One Please

rhino cute - 8348590336
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cute hamster Party - 3451458048
Created by nomCarrotsnom
cute scenes with hedgehogs as the subjects

Tiny Hedgehogs Play Dress Up and Pose for Silly Photos

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A Look Into the Future

Babies old tortoise cute future young - 7996228864
australia koalas cute - 58360321

G'Day Lil' Koala! Wanna Climb a Tree?

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I Just Need a Little Rest

puppies cute sleeping bench - 8272719360
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