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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.


acting like animals adorable baby calf cute goat prank squee your argument is invalid - 4115916032
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Is That Weird Looking Giraffe Behind Me Again?

cute hedgehog llama alpaca - 8225477888
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christmas cute hat - 4268977920
Created by Remedy


acting like animals baby cuddling cute horse love mom sweet - 4170027008
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Squee Spree: Wolverine Wins!

cute dangerous Fluffy squee spree winner wolverine - 6563179264
Via Cotswold Wildlife Park

I Has a Spongy Tongue!

drink water cute Cats - 8211805952
Created by Fauxpaws
cute jail kitten videos the pet collective Operation Aww - 56707841

Does Anyone Have a Metal File?

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A Couple of Cute Kids

Babies cute kids goats - 8269559040
Via goatsonthings

He's Got a Tiny Tee

pug puppy cute - 7537863936
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bunny cute rabbit - 3392347904
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Whatsit: Prickly Squee

cute prickly spines Whatsit Wedneday - 6414469120
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cute military the pet collective Operation Aww - 56921089

The New Recruits of Cuteness

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Drop the Tuna Right Here!

kitten cute noms Cats - 8204900608
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puppy cute hiccups Video - 70684929

Is There Even A Cuter Puppy With Hiccups Right Now?

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Will You Hold My Hand?

Babies cute doctor monkeys squee - 7962214144
Created by Unknown

Squirrel Salad Bar

cute salad squirrels squee - 7919495680
Created by sixonefive72