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Dogs gotta wake up too

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Dog Pool Party!

Awesome party for dogs by the pool. These cute dogs are having fun.
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reaction to netflix dogs

People Share How Far Did They Get Into Netflix's "Dogs" Before Crying Hysterically

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Derpy Dog Portraits

17 Derpy Dog Portraits That Prove Not Everyone Is Photogenic

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a funny list of before and after of dogs

Adorable Before and After Reactions Of Dogs Hearing They Are A 'Good Boy'

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Field of pup

field of pup
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Funny GIFs of animals and falling - no animals were hurt in any of these GIFs

13 Gifs Of Animal Fails That Are As Funny As They Are Adorable

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a funny comics about seeing a movie stars dog and telling it to sit down in the way the movie star does.

Here's What Happens When You See Samuel L. Jackson's Dog (Comic)

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They are not related

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cute dog sticking its tongue out

15 Dogs That Do NOT Want To Leave The Dog Park

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Someone Was Pouting This Morning

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Dog Fashion

dog fashion
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The back stories about dogs from a busy dog walker

Dog Walker Creates Hilarious Bios For Each Dog He Walks

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Dogs want to GO outside, they just don't want to BE outside.

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