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10 Incredible Facts About Dogs - Part - 9

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There are two kinds of dogs...

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Learning Curve

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Photobomb level: dogs.

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German Shepard Mix

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toys instagram husky Video - 81495809

Husky Plays With a Stuffed Dog Toy Like It's Her Little Brother

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Some dogs have style and grace... and then there are pugs

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A picture of a dog laying down in a funny pose and in front of the fire with the caption that this would be his tinder profile - a cover photo for a list of funny dogs and if they used snapchat

30 Hilarious Dogs Captured On Snapchat

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Picture of a dog who is a total fluffernugget, if you know what I mean.
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Hipster Dog

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pictures of dogs bitten by bees AKA flying jalapeno raisins

Doggos Betrayed By Those Jalapeño Flying Raisins Humans Call Bees

Adorable puppers that got stung by bees but still look adorable
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Christmas dog

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Created by lpennin
tumblr Cats funny animals animals funny memes jo38ma3 funny - 9539845

Tumblr Gets Deep And Funny About Animals

15 funny tumblr posts about animals
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funniest animal webcomics of all shapes and sizes

If These Animal Comics Don't Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

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Dog Memes - meme of a dog saying if you love something you should pee on it - cover for a list of funny memes and dog logic

13 Memes Of Dog Logic

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