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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.


cute lab - 3135033856
Created by Helly

They Follow Me Everywhere!

kitten friends cute Cats - 8299801600
Via krc_
cute bumblebees butts sticking out from flowers

Adorable Bumblebee Butts On Flowers Is All The Buzz

A Collection of Adorable Bumblebee Bums
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Elephants Can Nuzzle Too!

Babies cute elephants snuggle - 8134624256
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cute funny Video gorilla - 74124545

Watch This Wild Mountain Gorilla Try to Take the Perfect Selfie

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cute Video - 72877569

When It Comes to Nap Time, These Puppies Dress for Success

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cute nerd jokes red panda - 3879919360
Created by Unknown

What Fuzzy Kitty Could Resist Such a Fuzzy Duck?

Babies cute Cats - 8020762112
Created by Unknown

Clark has Sour, uh I Mean Sweet, Grapes!

Babies tortoise cute - 8003837440
Created by munnit
cute puppy sound Video - 12833025


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Oh That's The Spot!

bird blue cute parrot scratch - 6261560576
Created by Unknown

Mom! Can You Get Me a Towel!?

cute mom seals pups wet - 8019074560
Created by Unknown
autumn cute bambi Video - 64819969

Bambi, Is That You? Let's Play!

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A Spotted Belly Cutie

Via kavirm

I Surrender...My Heart!

costume kitten cute - 8105477120
Created by Unknown

This Tiny-Terrier is The Perfect Size for Stuffed Animal Cuddles

cute boston terrier tiny puppy - 8346252544
Via Bellesspecialjourney
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