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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.


bird cute floof Owl - 4270862592
Created by sixonefive72


cute elephant puns - 3437074944
Created by Unknown

Pomeranian Puff

pomeranian Fluffy cute - 8293930752
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Smiling Little Lamb

cute happy lambs smile - 7901128960
Created by sixonefive72

The Cutest Pirate We've Ever Seen

baby seal cute Video people pets - 7562426880
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Awwww Amun

answer cute gecko question reader squees reptile smile smiling - 4755879168
Created by NSZypher

Puppy Pretzels Are the Best Snack for Your Heart

cute - 8300818688
Via jeszie

When Life Mimics Art

pic of Disney's Bambi meeting Flower the skunk and a pic of a real life fawn with a skunk
Via I waste so much time

Red Panda Does His Work Out

gifs red pandas cute - 7383536128
Created by Unknown
cute scenes with hedgehogs as the subjects

Tiny Hedgehogs Play Dress Up and Pose for Silly Photos

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Fox Den Snuggles

foxes cute den warm - 8071396096
Created by ani.s4 ( Via sci-universe.tumblr.com )

Look Mom! Birdies!

Babies birds cute elephants - 8071025664
Created by Unknown

I Never Thought I Could be Frightened of Something So Incredibly Cute!

cute bears bear cubs mama - 8180419840
Via waremi

Two's Company, Three's Trouble

cute tree trouble raccoons three - 7970760448
Created by sixonefive72
milk kangaroo cute Joey begging Video - 181255

Can I Have That Milk Now? How About Now? Now?

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bunny cute rabbit Video - 14170369


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