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Delightful Dog & Cat Memes and Funny Pics for Animal Lovers

Everyone knows that dogs and cats have their typical characteristic differences. While dogs tend to involve themselves in their human's routine, always seeking ways to connect, cats are independent hunters who will go on their own little missions with or without their human. However, there is one thing domesticated dogs and cats have in common—they're both total goofballs who could delight even the grumpiest human with their pure silliness. Keep scrolling for a bunch of memes and pics of funny…
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16 dog tweets | thumbnail blue background tweet "LANA @Lana_x_rose This kid probably 8/10 years old asked politely if he could pet my dog I said yes. After he pet her he hopped on his bike, popped a wheelie and said "that was for you thanks for letting me pet your dog." Highlight of my day tbh. 4:07 AM Jun 6, 2022. Twitter for iPhone 13.3K Retweets 417 Quote Tweets 261.4K Likes"

Bestest Most Rufferific Doggo Tweets Of The Week (June 10, 2022)

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