Animal Gifs


Chill out, little guy!

gif cute scared squee - 8578218752
Created by tamaleknight

Oh Crab. You Crazy.

Cute GIF of a dog playing and rolling around on the floor with a crab.
Created by Unknown

That's Exactly How I Planned it, Guys

gif slip goats ice - 7829932288
Created by Unknown

Mmmm Face Massage

gif interspecies Cats - 7140958208
Created by Unknown

Drinking from the Faucet - Cat Gif

Gif of a cat drinking right from the faucet as he seems to prefer flowing water.
Created by Snake73

GIF - Goat Yoga

Via instagram

The Look You Get Whenever You Sing

GIF of two Labradors and poodle mix dogs giving funny looks at the camera because the person is singing.
Created by Unknown

Webcams are Weird

gif wtf Cats - 7129950720
Created by Unknown

Wanna Go For a Walk?

gif walk - 7686272512
Created by Unknown

Red Panda Playmates

wrestle gif red pandas cute play - 7866835968
Created by Unknown

A Brief Lesson in Anatomy

gif animated Cats - 7130200576
Created by Unknown

When Your Bite of Spaghetti is Too Big

birds gif hunt snakes lucky - 7949873920
Created by SatevisM

I Thought You Told Me To Knock It Off!

gif cat water jerk - 8574948864
Created by onefinekitty ( Via )

Gimme A Kiss

gif parrots birds Cats - 7814080000

Well, That's One Way to Go Down the Stairs

gif FAIL stairs corgi - 7129951488
Created by Unknown

Don't be a Wimp! Just Jump!

gif apes push funny - 7847597056
Created by Unknown