Animal Gifs


You Know The Feeling

Funny cat gif of that freak out feeling
Created by Unknown

That's Exactly How I Planned it, Guys

gif slip goats ice - 7829932288
Created by Unknown

The Tail Wagging Another Dog

gif of happy dogs tail hitting other dog
Via tumblr

Sweetie Pie

gif cuddle kitten - 8585305088
Created by Philippa2

Pack The Horse

horse getting into the back of a minivan
Via r/Horses


drink gif beer - 8552058880
Created by anselmbe

Corgis Hate Veggies

hate gif lettuce corgi - 7133111296
Created by Unknown

GIF - Nobody Calls Me Chicken!!

Funny GIF of a chicken on the steering wheel of a car that is driving.
Created by mamawalker ( Via Gifs )


gif - 8574095616
Created by ani.s4 ( Via )

This Bird's got the Boogie

gif parakeet birds shake dance - 6972454656
Created by Unknown

Play Dead, Bang!

gif otter tricks - 7770602752
Created by Unknown

Ohai! You Were Filming ME!

gif photobomb funny - 7425393152
Created by ToolBee

Say What?

red panda gif ears cute - 7813329408
Created by Unknown

Frolicking Takes way too Much Energy

gif puppy field - 7847860736
Created by Unknown

Cat GIF - There's Something under the Couch

Cat gif of a cat sneaking down to check under the couch in a very smooth way.
Created by Snake73 ( Via gif )

Have You Ever had a Day Like This?

gif kitten slip cute - 7856292864
Created by Unknown
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