Animal Gifs


Gimme Back My Tooff!

Animal GIF of someone yanking a tooth out of the tiger's mouth
Created by ToolBee

Passive Paws

paws gif Cats - 6975745536
Created by Unknown

Pet Me Please?

gif please pet Cats - 7132511744
Created by Unknown

Kiss with tongue dog - GIF Meme

Gif meme of a Pug dog explaining why dog's kiss you.
Created by tamaleknight ( Via gif )

Stop it! I Don't Kiss on the First Date!

Cats bite gif KISS - 7907300864
Created by beernbiccies

Dude! You Gotta Back off the Nip!

gif kitten annoying catnip - 7863710464
Created by Unknown

Please pet me! Do it Like This... Purrfect!

gif cute pet Cats - 7847848704
Created by Unknown

Whoa! Never Sneak up on me, Bro!

gif surprise claws - 7859721728
Created by Unknown

Wolf Pack of Cute

gif wolf - 7763712512
Created by Unknown

Yuck, We Are Having Artichokes

GIF of a cat making a puke face expression while sitting at the table.
Created by catanddog725

Now the Other Side...

gif cute Cats - 7873249024
Via The Bloggess

A Baby Octopus

gif - 7837007104
Created by Unknown

Frustrated Gamer

gif Cats funny - 7873260288

Ohh Look Out For The Face Hugger Coming Up Next!

gif of kitten climbing on mans head
Via tumblr

This is the Only Way Stripey can Catch his Food by Surprise

gif tigers swimming surprise Cats - 7876317440
Created by Unknown

Toy Bites Back

gif cat scared funny - 7873263104