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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

Even Otters Need to Get Out of the Pool Sometimes!

animal moms - Water -
Created by beernbiccies

Bear Cubs Have a Cuddle Puddle

gifs bears critters cute cubs - 8282154240

Hey! Save Some Sugar For Me!!

paws gifs cute Cats - 8411061248
Created by mamawalker

Little Dwarf Horse is Terribly Cute

cute gifs horses - 8342731776

Whoa, I'm a Cat

paws dancing gifs cute Cats - 8321020672

That Moment When Your Crush Surprises You

gifs critters cute rabbits - 7254396928
Via Lost Boy Toph

Animal Gifs: I'm Putting My Paw Down on the Matter

adorable cute gifs paw puppy - 6430873088

3 Baby Bearded Dragons

gifs critters cute jo38ma3 - 7835845376
Created by catophile ( Via Youtube )

How do You Tell if a Dog is Happy?

Cute GIF of a Dachshund dog wagging his tail in a clear display of being happy.
Created by anselmbe

Close-Up Busy Bee

spring cute bees flowers - 7873362944

Don't You EVER Turn Your Back on Me!

attack cute bite frogs - 8060657152

Well That's Just Stupid Cute

adorable cute Fluffy puppy - 5689018624

I Can't Get Enough of This Frozen Stuff!

cute gifs kitten ice cream - 8196589056
Created by ani.s4 ( Via )

Jerk Goat

cute FAIL fall gifs goat jerk - 6472303616

Monkey Takes a Selfie

cute critters gifs monkeys selfie - 8326029312
Via Tastefully Offensive

Hot Potato!

game kitten cute funny - 7852887040