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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

Puppy Play

puppy cute playing - 7625889792
Via Tastefully Offensive

Keep Lookiting!

Cats cute gifs science - 8245735424
Created by Chris10a

Two Camels are Better Than One

gifs cute funny weird - 8290638848

Got Some!

Cats cute gifs ice cream - 7920780544
Created by SatevisM

And I...Had the Time of my Life

Cats cute gifs - 8179524352

I Can Do That Too

gifs bears cute waving - 8270088192
Created by cataff ( Via )
easter bunnies cute - 246533

10 Helpful Tips on How to Become the Easter Bunny

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Got Your Nose

Elephant and giraffe playing thru a fence and the elephant appears to be playing gotcha nose with the tall one
Created by ToolBee ( Via Baby Elephant Gifs - Reddit )

Open the Heat Producing Window, Human!

gifs cute computer confused play Cats - 8002610688

Aww Yiss

cute Cats vacuum - 7727391744

Hold Still, They'll Think We're an Adorable Statue

gifs cute - 8349768704
Via biomorphosis

I Must Attack it!

Cats cute attack funny play kitten - 8014128384
Created by beernbiccies


cute food nom squirrel tumblr - 6253531136
Via Head Like An Orange

Lil' Seal Has an Itch

gifs seals critters cute - 7171744512
Via Head Like An Orange

Oh My Package Finally Arrived

gifs puppies cute mail - 8429469696
Created by anselmbe

Chill out, little guy!

gif cute scared squee - 8578218752
Created by tamaleknight
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