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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

I Just Don't Get Patty Cake...

gif Fluffy cute - 7859719168
Created by Unknown

The Great Excape

Cats cute escape gifs kitten - 8155733504
Created by beernbiccies

I Want That Hand!

cute kitty - 7004689920
Created by catanddog725 ( Via Tumblr )

I Meant to do That

gif kitten cute sleepy fall - 7863978752
Created by Unknown

Yeah...I Don't Think So

gif water bath cute Cats - 7859703296
Created by Unknown

Guinea Pig's Synchronized Chewing

cute critters food gifs guinea pigs - 8328257024
Created by Unknown

This is Good Enough! I'm Clean!

float clean water bath cute hedgehog - 7878217216
Created by Unknown

Otterly Cute Cub

gifs critters cute otters - 8371267584
Created by Unknown

Whoopsie Daisy!

cute gifs kitten squee - 8251246336

Totally Psyched-Up, Game On

gifs cute Cats - 8411023104
Created by mamawalker

Cute All Day Long

puppies cute - 7723243008
Created by Unknown

Little Billy is Still Learning to Play Nice With Others

cute gifs kids play puppies goats - 7985094912
Created by Unknown

Stuck in the Drink Holder

gifs chairs cute Cats - 8541214208
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )


Cute GIF of a lion cub trying to roar.
Created by Unknown

Just Some Bunnies.

bunnies cute Fluffy lick - 5733223424
Created by Unknown

My Lucky Day

cute ice cream - 7733036800
Created by Unknown