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Get the Shadow Demon!

kitten - 7686173184

That's a Bear-Sized Bathtub!

bear bathtub - 7802880768

Parking Spot Cat

captions car Cats climb fall gifs lay - 6565308928

No Door Shall Be Unopened

doors gifs Cats - 8285713408

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Babies bite gifs funny tortoise - 8157266432
Created by beernbiccies

Don't Bother Me

gifs Cats sleeping - 8108911104
Via Gifak

No, My Money!

Cats funny money - 7722748416
Via Tastefully Offensive

Squirrel Carousel

spinning mindwarp gifs critters squirrels - 8320636928
Created by anselmbe

Kids Playing

Cheezburger Image 7719982592
Via Tastefully Offensive

Swan Family Beach Outing

critters family gifs waves swans water - 8305223424
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Will Jump For Food

Cheezburger Image 9658450432
Created by ToolBee

Whooo, MEEEE????

head praying mantis turn what - 6344905472
Via Head Like An Orange

He's a Man on a Mission

gifs birds creepy - 7111003904
Via Head Like An Orange

Am I a Pretty Owl?

pets gifs critters owls - 8433464576

Elephant Yoga

elephant gifs leg stretch yoga - 6591456512

Aquatic Brain Fart

gifs dolphins fart - 7899778816