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Hedgehog in a Hat

gifs hats critters cute hedgehog - 7300865280
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )

I Suddenly Realized Nothing Matters...

gifs ennui collapse FAIL run ball corgi fall - 6719690240

Kitten And Duckling

gifs ducks Cats - 8548920064
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Petting An Owl

petting critters cute owls - 8499675392
Created by anselmbe


ouch kitten gifs cute Cats playing - 8254501888

And He's Off

seal cute running - 7601236992

Surfin' Cat

surfing cat skateboard funny - 7515437056
Via Tumblr

A Match Made in Heaven

GIF of a cat and owner match made in heaven that was made possible thru Craigslist.

Cat Prefers Candy Wrappers

candy gifs Cats - 8409397504

No, It's Mine! All Mine! You Can't Have Any!

gif hamsters greedy Cats - 7841793792

They Sound Like Little Angels

gifs critters Prairie Dogs - 8102764032

A Graceful Creature

FAIL gifs couch fall - 7414459904

Bucket O' Puppies

Cute gif of a bucket full of puppies.
Via Tastefully Offensive

GPOY Getting Up in the Morning

gifs stretch wake up - 6621338880

Are You Sure This Camera is On, Lee?

gifs critters cameras chickens - 8359120384
collection of the day's top voted top rated cat gifs black sitting inside a box completely blending with the darkness with only two round eyes visible from inside

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