Animal Gifs

Owl Let That Pass | GIF

Gif of a cute owl sneezing when a feather lands on his nose, and if falls right off after his sneeze.
Created by Unknown

Hard-Boiled Eggs Are Hard (To Eat)

gifs birds egg - 7093944576
Created by Unknown

Marionettes & Kitties

Very funny cat GIF of a bunch of kittens and marionettes interacting and being hilarious.
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Too Tired to Care For a Stuck Claw, What a Drag!

gifs Cats - 8524952832

Take Over for a Minute, Will ya Fred?

Cats gifs wheel - 7931007488
Created by beernbiccies


paws gifs knead claws Cats - 6980683520
Created by Unknown

Great White Shark Swimming Buddy

gif ocean shark - 7141036288
Created by Unknown

Don't Look Back

birds explosion gifs - 8235382528
Via sekainoyamato

Coming Through

kitten Cats - 7753695232
Via Tumblr

Frustrated Gamer

gif Cats funny - 7873260288

Not All Dinosaurs Are Mean

gifs critters Cats dinosaurs - 8555657216
Created by Unknown

Have You Ever had a Day Like This?

gif kitten slip cute - 7856292864
Created by Unknown

Doggie Sonar

Cats gifs ears - 7990715904
Created by Unknown

Diving Jaguar

gifs water critters cute - 8486315520
Created by anselmbe

What Magic Is This?

Cute GIF of a few cats looking at a cat toy in amazement.
Created by Snake73

Ayy Gurl

cool gifs sup FAIL romance sexy Cats - 6822657792
Created by Unknown