Animal Gifs

Using the Force lesson #1 - Start small

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Created by beernbiccies

Heartbreaking Video! Old Dog drags his back legs to walk

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Created by anna.cole.usa ( Via )

Tentative Steps

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Created by Unknown

How to Clean Your Hedgehog

Via Bing

Hey! Save Some Sugar For Me!!

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Created by mamawalker

Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard!

elephant cute party hard - 7568923648
Via Tumblr

Elephants Protecting Their Young One From The River

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Created by Unknown

El Conquistador

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Created by Unknown

We Have No Idea What's Going on Here, But It is Very Spiritual and Definitely Involves Opossums

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Created by Unknown

"Hello, This is Dog." "Well Hello, Dog, This is Dog."

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Created by anselmbe

A Truly Interactive GIF

Via Brown Cardigan

Om Nom Clover Nom

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Created by Unknown

Frankencat Feline Pit Bull Therapist

Canidae - Frankencat helping Old Grand Dad during his during his petit mal seizure Frankencat helping Pappy realize he needs to sit down now
Created by AnimalRescues ( Via The Creative Cat )

That's Been Bugging Me, Too

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Created by Philippa2

GPOY You Right Now

Cats computer gifs internet laptop watch - 6488057856
Created by Unknown

Too Cute to be Real

Babies boxes cute gifs play playing red panda red pandas squee - 6040677120
Created by Unknown