I Has A Hotdog


You better stick that tongue back in your mouth right this instant. The strongest muscle in the body and also one of the most versatile, and one we probably have more control over than any other. These slippery jokes and puns will have you tongue-wagging.

Smile Lines

pug wrinkles tongue happy smile - 6622432256
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Happy Sundog!

labrador happy sundog sunglasses tongue Sundog - 6607659520
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Goggie ob teh Week: State Dog

goggie ob teh week tongue blue lacy texas happy - 6726206720
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Lisp Twins

pug tongue mini me twins lisp - 6605088768
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Don't Bodder...

pitbull tongue pizza - 6596132096
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Big Kiss!

pitbull tongue KISS slobber crazy - 6582406400
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boxer tongue derp dumb - 6577795072
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Babushka Puppy

pug babushka scarf tongue licking old country - 6572107776
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Goggie Gif: Long Tongue is Long

boston terrier gifs tongue toy licking - 6653526016
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Watz "purple"?

bulldog leash purple color blind happy excited tongue - 6312071168
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Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Playing in the Mud

cyoot puppy ob teh day mud puppy smile tongue - 6640136192
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happy petting pug puppy tongue - 6546419200
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Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it!

derp hover dog tongue training what breed - 6536372992
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captions cocker spaniel no dogs allowed tongue - 6384095232
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Goggie ob teh Week: Marco Polo

Fluffy goggie ob teh week Marco Polo tibetan mastiff tongue - 6596709632
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Slobbery Kisses

boxer i missed you slobber tongue wet kisses - 6466017792
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