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Can I Has Extra Goodiez?

Sad treats cupcakes - 7847297280
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Ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog

Sad puppies cute - 7815371264
Created by Bryanh87

The Floor Has a Sad

Sad corgi funny - 7752367360

But I Had Tree or Fore Left at Least!

Sad kisses funny - 7680210432
See all captions Created by jennybookseller

Just Kidding, Buddy

Sad just kidding funny betrayal - 7701677824
Via Pleated Jeans

You're Gonna Make Me Cry

Sad rain crying - 7618401536
See all captions Created by Kiggles

The Indignity of It All...

Sad pug neutered - 7613815552

Does Someone Need Some Love?

Sad puppy cute - 7518586368
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Sad funny Video - 50913793

Sad Dog Dairy

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Puppy's Gone-Boy Blues

Sad puppy blues cute - 7484247552
See all captions Created by jennybookseller
Sad pug lion king Video - 50283009

This Scene Always Gets Me Too

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What's the Point Anyway?

Sad cute - 6688237312
Created by pdiddyent

Why can't the weekend be forever?

pomeranian Sad weekend - 6592186880

Imaginary Friends

bad day husky Sad slippers - 6510711808
See all captions Created by Tia888

Bad Day

bad day boxer captions Sad tongue - 6462246656
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Sad Fixer-Upper

feels golden retriever hug Sad - 6445948160
See all captions Created by macknnc