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It's Ok, You're Still All Dog to Me

animals Sad puppy spider scared - 8452694272
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I Has a Sad

Sad pomeranian share bed - 8451479296
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I Do Not Think This Means What You Think it Means

Sad fetch puppy - 8449569792
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Sad Video thief - 66327041

Dog Steals Bone, Feels No Remorse

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Sad bulldog waiting - 65328385

Sad Dog is Still Waiting for Her Human

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Please Bring Me! I Can Drive!

cute driving Sad traveling - 8264157952
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Trust Me! I'm Clean!

baths funny Sad - 8240571392
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The Floor Knows the Feeling...

funny Sad - 8196287488
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Good Thing Barbecue Season is Coming!

Cats cute summer Sad - 8153837312
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I Can Fit, Can't I?

Sad Travel - 8106442752

Um...I Can't Really Drink Your Tears...

crying funny Sad thirsty - 8079710464

You and Me Both, Brother

Sad cute mondays - 7828909312
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The Tile Floor is Disappointed with You...

funny floor Sad - 8023796480

Can You Give Me a Hug?

cute hug puppies Sad - 7970355968
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Not Just Man's Best Friend

cute deployed Sad military veteran - 7957511680

I Fits...See?

cute Sad Travel - 7926360064