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facts about the dog breed pug and how they are not what nature intended, even if they are cute

Aggressively Informative Tumblr Thread Will Ruin Pugs for You

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snapchat story of dog's last day on this earth

This Woman's Sweet Snapchat Story of Her Dog's Last Day Will Hit You Right in the Feels

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funny dogs got stuck

14 Stuck Dogs That Need a Hand

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If ther reely iz a ceeling cat, how cood he let sumfing so terrible happin to teh cheezburger mashine?

betrayed ceiling cat cheezburger dachshund grill long haired machine question ruined Sad - 4386441984
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but. . .ai no wanna share mai chewy

chew toy do not want mine puppy puppy eyes Sad share sharing - 4126684928
See all captions Created by dgreenesprout

Not emo. Jus...missin mom.

labrador missing puppy Sad - 526159616
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i tink iz outgrowed it

bed big labrador Sad - 1339166976
See all captions Created by dillybar

Life Can Be a Real Bitch Sometimes

life can be a real bitch sometimes
Via edmeisterr

I Can Hear The Music Now

funny animal image of dog compared to sarah mclachlan commercial
Via bjl0924

Heroic Dog Killed in Paris Terrorist Raid Will Be Honored for Her Valor

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Sad Video - 76192001

Cute Pup Doesn't Want It's Human Buddy to Leave

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Sad cute Video - 73494273

A Beloved Dying Dog Gets to Play in the Snow One Last Time

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Sad dachshund ball whine Video - 70471425

Leia the Mini Dachshund Drops Her Ball

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Sad boxer whine Video - 70414081

Lexi Needs Some Cheese to Go with This Wine

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Iz Goan be Awright

Sad stuffed animal cuddle BFFs Cats - 8473803520
See all captions Created by Chris10a

I'n Juss Gonna Hang Mai Hed and Powt

Sad TV rude - 8468292864
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