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These are Pungsan hunting dogs. They are a very rare dog, and are hardly known outside of North Korea.

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Watch out for "The Drooler"

watch out for the drooler
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bulldog Video - 81671169

Bulldog Enjoys a Relaxing Upside Down Massage

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Want to know what breed of dog this is? You've probably never heard of it.

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Ugly Sweater Ollie

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Funny dog memes and comics about who is the goodest boy, good boys, doggo memes, dogs, doge.

Feast Your Eyes On 20 Of The Goodest Boys Of All Time

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Business Pup Gets His ID Photo Taken for Work

business pup gets his id photo taken for work
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contractor posts pics of customer dogs and cats

This Contractor Posts Photos Of Customer Pets He Meets As "Employee Of The Year"

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And people say cats and dogs dont get along

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If only all our dogs were this good in the bath!

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funny dog tweet about standing at the door

40 Of The Funniest Dog Tweets Of 2017

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Calendar photos of Vancouver Police dogs being all cops and stuff

The Vancouver Police Department Just Released Their 2019 Police Dog Calendar And It's Badass

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what do you call a dinosaur with one eye?

pun meme of dog asking a dinosaur like Barney about 1-eyed puns
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dogs at work

Reporting For Duty: Pups Hard At Work At Their Very Important Jobs

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