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When You're Chillin in a Leaf Pile and Something Touches Your Foot

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cute and funny animal memes of all sorts

30 Adorably Amusing Animal Memes That'll Give You A Heckin Chortle

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There's always one...

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Donuts! The original hole food.

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When you walk in on your Humen and your inner Michael Jackson kick in

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GIFs of animals trying lemon to see if they like it. None of them liked it

These Animals Tried Lemons And Then Fought With The Lemons

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Shh I iz sleepin

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I found this on Postsecret

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Funny meme of pug on the floor and caption about how he greets the owner everyday - cover image for 20 funny things your dog thinks about every day

15 Hilarious Dog’s Shower Thoughts

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Nugget sends his *fans* ALL HIS xOx♥♥

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My stepdad celebrating our dogs birthdays.

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eye bleach nice things to look at cute baby animals cats and dogs adorable kittens and puppies small smol to cleanse your soul remedy cure family | Posted by u/N8theGr8 4 days ago 2 @2 3 Keeping off cold floor two tiny kittens sitting in slippers house shoes

Adorable Animals To Cleanse Your Eyes Of The Horrors Of The Internet

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Funny and cute memes about huskies

Derpy Husky Memes In Honor Of Those Big Dummies

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