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dogs staring at someone eating

These Dogs Just Can't Stop Staring You When You Eat (Memes)

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The Most Stressful Moments of Every Dog's Life

the most stressful moments of every dogs life
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A picture of Maru the husky smiling at the camera - cover photo for a short list of how much the panda looking husky smiles.

Have You Met The Worlds Happiest Husky Maru?

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dog memes

Good Laughs By Good Bois (Or Simply Dog Memes)

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Back to school

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Corgi dogs wearing pick up lines that would for sure work

28 Adorable Pick-Up Lines By Corgis Nigel And Winston

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Lucy after the shower

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I Brought You Flowers

i brought you flowers
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This. This is exactly why we do not deserve dogs.

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Captain Ginyu's Dog

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Created by tamaleknight
pug photoshop battle

Unhappy Pug Dressed for the Cold Gets a Cool as Heck Photoshop Battle

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Funny and cute dog memes, cover photo is news report of Pope Francis saying dogs can go to heaven.

30+ Doggo Memes That Will Leave You Feeling Warm And Fuzzy

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Dogs first picture, And he says hi!

majestic - 8819931648
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Poor Guy Doesn't Know How Big He's Getting

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Sleepy hiking pup

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I didn't choose the begging life, the begging life chose...zzzzzzzz

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