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cute fun pictures of cats that have stolen the bed from the dog

Who's The Boss? 23 Cats Stealing a Dog's Bed

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Incoming Ball!

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a picture of a purple poodle dressed in 70's gear

Professional Dog-Groomer Hits Back At Claims She's Embarrassing Her Dog

We all know that people love to take their pups to the groomers. They come back looking relaxed, adorable and ready for anything. Groomers are told how to style dogs and you trust them. You trust them to be patient and attentive to your best friend. They are trained professionals. So when owner and dog-groomer got accused of "embarrassing" her dog by the Kennel Club, she hit back.
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dog photoshop battle

Zelda the Photoshop Doge Is a True Internet Artist

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Picture of a dog who is a total fluffernugget, if you know what I mean.
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Wait a Second...

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tweet reacting to study about dogs not being smart

Dog People Suspect a New Study Suggesting Dogs Are 'Not Exceptional' Was Written By Cats

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Cute Golden Retriever left alone with chicken and resisting not to eat it

When A Golden Retriever is Left Alone With a Roasted Chicken

Dog vs. Roasted Chicken
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Who Is This?

Before and after picture of a dog that went to the groomer, with such a drastic difference that the title jokes it might not even be the same dog.
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Dogs happy to see their humans

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So Much Side Eye

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Captain Ginyu's Dog

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doggo dogs funny memes

Rollin' In The Mud Doggo Memes (22 Dog Memes)

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Funny memes, cute dog memes, dog memes.

38 Cute 'N Silly Doggo Memes For Your Viewing Pleasure

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lizzo boys dogs

Lizzo's Song "Boys" Represented By Dogs; A Thread (17 Tweets)

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gifs of dogs failing in cute and funny ways

11 Dog Fails That Are Too Funny Not To Laugh At (Gifs)

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