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Two Husky Puppies Meeting at the Vet

puppy husky - 8986712320
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I'd Like to See You Try

id like to see you try
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Happy PUPPY Day !! ♥

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He duzzent want a HandUP.. He wants a HandOUT. L o L

Image 9200849920
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Cue the CSI: Miami theme

Image 8820501760
a cute photo of a dog with eyebrows

If Dogs Had Eyebrows (15 Photos)

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a funny and new list of funny dogs on snapchat

Dogs Have Taken Over SnapChat and It's Hilarious (30 Pics)

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Field of pup

field of pup
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My Baby Garman Shafat Dog

Image 8818260992
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These two little lambs look like dogs

Image 8818791680
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The Best Costume for a St. Bernard: CUJO!

costume - 8986710016
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Peanut Butter is Mouth Quivering Good for This Little Puppy

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*Nugget* & *Lacey*

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Super Cozy Dozy

Image 9271595776
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Crab 1 Dogs 0

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Ermagherd snow!

Image 9063144448
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