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Excited Pug

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a funny list of snapchat dogs

30 Paw-ssibly Best Dog Snapchats We Saw In 2017

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dancing memes - a funny meme of a dog dancing - cover for a list of funny dancing animals

These Animals Love To Dance! (15 Hilarious Memes)

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animals riding shopping carts

17 Times Animals Took a Ride On a Shopping Cart And Cracked Us Up (Memes)

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Silly girls, Snapchat filters are for dogs.

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pug puppy vine dad Video - 81375489

Pug Puppy Adorably Tries to Get Dad's Attention

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Doggo knows his angles

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There are two types of dogs in this world...

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Dogs want to GO outside, they just don't want to BE outside.

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Maybe If I Ignore Them, They'll Go Away

maybe if i ignore them theyll go away
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Much Sass


My best friend

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Dogs can celebrate too

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A Refreshing New Spin on the Term "Doggy Bag"

a refreshing new spin on the term doggy bag
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Photos of dogs hugging their humans

These 17 Dogs Just Can't Stop Hugging Their Humans

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Our new rescue, Cooper

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