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Professional Dog-Groomer Hits Back At Claims She's Embarrassing Her Dog

We all know that people love to take their pups to the groomers. They come back looking relaxed, adorable and ready for anything. Groomers are told how to style dogs and you trust them. You trust them to be patient and attentive to your best friend. They are trained professionals. So when owner and dog-groomer got accused of "embarrassing" her dog by the Kennel Club, she hit back.
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Mlem mlem mlem

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photos of dog and his little boy

The Matching Photos Of This Rescue Dog And Her Little Boy Will Make Your Day

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doggo dog memes that will keep you all woofed up

25 Good Boy Doggo Memes That Will Leave You Pawsitively Satisfied

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i love dog

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cute dog gifs

7 Super Funny Gifs Of Just Hilarious Huskies Being Silly

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On the Interstate Nobody Knows You Are a Dog

on the interstate nobody knows you are a dog
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They are not related

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Much Candle. So Birthday. Wow.

much candle so birthday wow
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My mom sent our dogs homemade biscuts. I think they're excited.

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This Runaway Dog Was Arrested for Being Too Cute

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dogs bringing flowers - a cute puppy running through grass to bring his owner some flowers- cover for adorable dogs doing the same thing

10 Dogs Bringing You Flowers That Will Brighten Anyones Day

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Time to water the dogs

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The "Stop moving I'm sleeping" face.

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dog memes of the pug variety

Pug Memes Howling A Good Time (23 Memes)

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take your dogs to work day

7 Dogs That Are Hard At Work

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