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But I Saw the Ninja Turtles do it!

go home you're drunk turtles aligator - 8209094144
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So Much for Fast Food...

turtles funny - 8208470016
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Helmets Included

Babies turtles military tortoise - 8203697152
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It's Nothing to Sneeze at

allergies puns turtles - 8202878976
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Turtles are my Spirit Animals

old diet turtles funny - 8200198144
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Nevermind...I Couldn't Think of Anything

turtles slow funny - 8179547136
Created by Garud

Slow to Learn

computers turtles technology tortoise funny - 7916401152
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Some Drivers Make You Wish You Had a Shell

turtles scared driving funny - 8169600000
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A Slow Progression to the Inevitable

turtles - 8125776128
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I've Been High Centered By Low Tide

turtles trapped funny - 8060712448
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I'm Ready for my Swimming Lessons!

Babies turtles mama cute - 8056034560
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He Makes Everything in the Slow Cooker

cooking chef turtles slow tortoise dinner - 7989083392
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Henrietta Has a Phobia of Balloons

Balloons lost tricks turtles - 7980729856
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Soon...I'll be Leaving

funny turtles slow SOON - 7948801280
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This Camera is Permanently Set in Slow Motion

cameras funny turtles tortoise - 7946767872
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Research Shows Turtles are Still Slower

turtles tortoise cute - 7941260544
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