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wtf facts about turtles

14 WTF True Facts About Turtles

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kids raising funny turtles - 5738193920
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turtles science Video - 74619137

Scientists Just Discovered a Glowing Sea Turtle

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turtles cute Video - 73165313

Ocean, Meet Baby Sea Turtles. Sea Turtles, Meet the Ocean

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You Have Been Warned!

warning baby animals turtles hands - 7104887552
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I'm Gonna Eat You

gifs turtles critters - 8443388672
Created by anselmbe

What Would Spawk Do?

turtles kitten Star Trek Cats - 8428494336
Created by beernbiccies

Turtle Problems

christmas reindeer antlers turtles holiday - 8413113600
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And They Eat Kale

baby animals turtles - 8399865344
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The Quest to Find Satisfaction With Existence

gifs turtles love web comics - 8291739648
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Time to Go Fast!

skateboarding birthday turtles - 8294051584

They All Started Somewhere

TMNT turtles cute - 8281690624
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Strawberries Go With Shortcake

cake birthdays turtles - 8272566272
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Onward, Minions!

funny tortoise turtles rich - 8257593088
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Turtle Isn't Taking This Theft Kindly

critters gifs turtles squirrels - 8240560896
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You Don't Have to be Fast...Just Not the Slowest

sloths funny turtles slow - 8219450624
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