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friendly elderly woman neighbor thinks snake is a turtle and won't believe anybody who tells her it's not

Sweet Old Lady Next Door Pet Sits Her Neighbor's Snake, Thinks It's a "Strange Turtle" and Won't Believe Anything Else

She's tried to tell her it's a snake, but it's been years now and the old lady is set on it being a turtle...
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10 Reddit text images from Reddit AITA post | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is a white barn with balloons in the layout of an American flag, on the right is a boa constrictor on a branch, overlaid text reads "AITA for excluding a friend from an event because she's afraid of my pet? / Not the A-hole"

Redditors Debate Whether To Exclude A Friend From The Snake Party

Draco Malfoy Would Be Proud
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10 photoshopped snake images with unique markings | thumbnail left and right snake image, white body, emoji photoshopped onto center, text "psbattle: this snake with unique markings"

Epic Photoshop Battle: Redditors Shop Snake With Unique Markings

Ssssay what?!
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25 pictures of snakes with hats | thumbnail left light colored snake with pink hat, thumbnail right image of yellow snake with red hat tassels

Silly Series Of Snakes Rocking Hats Of Various Styles And Sizes

Sassy snakes sporting their Sunday best
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Funny memes for people who own obscure pets such as spiders or snakes | Banana sticker on a yellow snake with caption joking that he thinks something is wrong with his banana | Greta death-stare on Trump on how my Tarantula looks at my hand when I am changing the water

Animal Memes For Those Who Own Bizarre Pets

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Life Imitates Children's Movies

funny animal image of snake in boot
Via tastefully offensive

Which Aisle In Whole Foods Can I Find This?

healthy natural poster snake - 8501899008
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

I'd Say it Keeps Him Warm, but He's Cold Blooded

funny snake sweater - 8274946304
Via Dump a Day

No One Could Resist this Little Charmer

garden apple snake - 8401903872
See all captions Created by TrippingKitty

You'll Never Drink Tea Properly Again!

tiny finger squee snake - 8399905280
See all captions Created by Sylviag

PSA: Anacondas Don't Want Your Buns Hun

do not want snake - 8343462144
See all captions Created by junemoon

Premium Plussssss!

nope snake - 8329838336
See all captions Created by Sylviag

I'm S-S-S-Serious!

pun snake - 7781469696
See all captions Created by BartsMom

He's Cold Blooded With a Warm Heart

scary misunderstood snake - 7788516096
Created by rachel.b.powers.1 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

I Just Didn't Expect It to Be Alive

shower funny snake drain - 7709711616
See all captions Created by Unknown

No Shower For Me Today

work homeless shower late funny snake - 7698497536
See all captions Created by mikebrow
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