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Infiltration Doesn't Always Work Out

disguise FAIL penguins Cats funny - 8049371904
See all captions Created by mags42

I Thought That Fish Tasted a Little Funny...

beach snow movies funny penguins - 8053879296

I Do Science for Fish

cute cold ice snow science penguins - 8034465792

Growing at Breakneck Speed

Babies cute family ice penguins parents - 8021416192
See all captions Created by JOE-STYLE

Not the Best Role Model...

disguise penguins hide Cats funny - 8009822208
See all captions Created by CrystalRose3

Hi Mom!

penguins mistake funny - 7940867328
See all captions Created by echeg5

The Have the Wave Part Down...

penguins zoo wedding funny - 8012536576

I Dare You to Pick Up This Spare

bowling ice dare snow funny penguins - 7946266880
See all captions Created by Wol

Who Has the Better Penguin Suit?

antarctica cold ice jobs funny penguins - 7946745088

I Think He's the One in the Front...

costume antarctica disguise penguins work - 7929834752

And we Think we Have THEM Figured Out...

penguins beach whales - 7909780224
Created by fuzzyballs

They Sold Out Fast

cute cold Fluffy penguins - 7897441792
See all captions Created by jgonza7 ( Via USA Today )

It Has Many Happy Feet

penguins movies - 7889123840

All Evil Penguins Hunt Humans

penguins evil cute funny - 7885695744
Created by fuzzyballs ( Via )

Cutest Fish Story Ever

penguins cute - 7759746560
See all captions Created by lilapache

Waddle This Way

teach penguins follow me cute - 7857979136