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baby penguins and groups of fluffy penguins waddling cuddling and kissing in the snow and on ice

8 Times Penguins Proved to Be the Cutest Aquatic Birds

Bring on the penguin cuteness.
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10 pictures of zoo animals being weighed by zoo keepers | Thumbnail includes a picture of a zoo keeper standing on a scale and holding a giraffe in his hands as well as a picture of a koala sitting on a small wooden branch that is connected to a scale

If You've Ever Wondered How Animals Are Weighed At The Zoo, This One's For You

Unconventional or strategic?
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video and comments of penguin chasing butterfly | thumbnail image of penguin chasing butterfly text "These wings weren't made for flyin, cuz that's not what they do, but one day this beak is gonna crunch on all of you." - Penguin, probably.

Penguin Chases A Butterfly To No Avail In Adorable Expression Of Animals Being Derps

Oh he hongry
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Funny memes about birds | someone asks s wrong but nothing's wrong s just face looks angry looking bird with dark eyebrows | And winner this year's award worst nest ever goes pigeon next to a pile of twigs and a single egg

Eighteen Bird Memes That Are Great From Start To Finch

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penguins cute Video - 74130433

These Baby Gentoo Penguins Would Like to Say Hello!

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seal penguins cute Video - 73875201

Oh! Excuse Me, I Thought You Were a Rock

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news penguins cute Video - 73842177

Runaway Penguin is Picked Up by the Police

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Ooooh! That's It....

animals scratching penguins walrus funny captions - 8544944384
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Watch Out

animals penguins captions funny - 8540721920
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Excellent Service, A Little Slow

penguins captions funny - 8481237248
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penguins captions funny - 8520208384
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penguins cute Video - 71801857

This Penguin Pet Can Go Anywhere as Long as He Has His Backpack On

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They Probably Don't Have Many Frequent Flyer Miles Though

animals planes penguins puns flying - 8484064256
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Don't Even Try it

Babies penguins bowling - 8011966464
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Today is Penguin Awareness Day! How Well Do You Know Your Penguins?

Chart penguins Video - 8431689728
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Evil Penguin Hates Stupid Tourists

penguins tourists boat funny - 7916502528
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