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15 screenshots from a reddit thread about an otter holding a stick | Thumbnail includes a photo of an otter holding himself up by holding a stick 'Yer an otter Harry Gandotter You really ought'r listen to the wise one.'

Otterly Adorable Otter Supports Himself With A Stick, Reddit Chimes In With South Park Puns

Otters, the time has come!
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Budget Cuts

funny animal image of otter with water gun
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Someone Save That Poor Woman!

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An Otter Picks Up Juggling In His Spare Time

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Watch Sea Otters Enjoy a Special Treat for Sea Otter Awareness Week

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Pleased to Meet You... I Suppose

funny otters image Pleased to Meet You... I Suppose
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Always Have Back Up

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If You've Ever Wondered What Life Is Like for an Otter, Here's Your Chance to Find Out

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Please Pass the Seaweed

sea otters friends puns otters - 6935477504
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Bob? Hey Bob? You're Drooling Again

friendship otters - 8224291584
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Can You Believe This Guy?

rage gifs puns otters - 8446656512
Created by anselmbe

I Think the Pun Just Made Him Worse!

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You Can Let Go...I'm a Good Swimmer

titanic cute otters - 7543771904
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It Just Takes a Lot of Clams

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I Think You Otter Figure it Out!

cute beavers funny puns otters - 8159964672
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