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34 pictures and videos of otters | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Otter Head' and 'Otter Nose' and includes the words 'Otterly adorable!'

Otterly Famous - A Collection Of Photogenic Otters Worthy Of Their Own Magazine Cover And A Place In Your Heart

Tens for cuteness, tens for fashion, tens for otter-model-realness!
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video of otters reacting to seeing falling snow for the first time | thumbnail includes two pictures including an otter looking at a snowball and an otter clasping its hands together

Otters See Falling Snow For The First Time And Bring Snowballs To Play With Inside (Video)

Yup, it's cold outside, and even otters have to deal with it.
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12 pictures of adorable Otters | Thumbnail includes a close up picture of an otter's nose and a picture of a cute chubby otter sitting like a sad human

12 Adorable Otters Whose Cuteness Is Otter This World

So cute it hurts
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15 screenshots from a reddit thread about an otter holding a stick | Thumbnail includes a photo of an otter holding himself up by holding a stick 'Yer an otter Harry Gandotter You really ought'r listen to the wise one.'

Otterly Adorable Otter Supports Himself With A Stick, Reddit Chimes In With South Park Puns

Otters, the time has come!
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photography otters otter - 9345603072
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Budget Cuts

funny animal image of otter with water gun
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gifs cute otters - 74590209

Someone Save That Poor Woman!

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gifs cute otters - 74497281

An Otter Picks Up Juggling In His Spare Time

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cute otters Video - 74444289

Watch Sea Otters Enjoy a Special Treat for Sea Otter Awareness Week

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Pleased to Meet You... I Suppose

funny otters image Pleased to Meet You... I Suppose
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Always Have Back Up

captions cute otters - 8564483840
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cute otters Video - 73975553

If You've Ever Wondered What Life Is Like for an Otter, Here's Your Chance to Find Out

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Please Pass the Seaweed

sea otters friends puns otters - 6935477504
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Bob? Hey Bob? You're Drooling Again

friendship otters - 8224291584
Created by AngelAndz

Can You Believe This Guy?

rage gifs puns otters - 8446656512
Created by anselmbe

I Think the Pun Just Made Him Worse!

puns otters sick funny - 8294140928
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