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Japan has Brought Your Dreams to Life

aquarium cute dreams Japan otters - 7965819648

You Otter Know the Difference

puns cute otters ice - 7831864064
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Who Needs Sticks to Catch Fish?

fishing otters - 7158411520
Via Tastefully Offensive

Otter Distribution Center

pun otters - 7157251584
Created by theREZchief24

Don't Forget the Cocktail Sauce!

complaining shrimp otters ice pointing - 7124681216
See all captions Created by purrzah

Fix it, Please!

do not want water otters ice - 7088870400
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The Judges Really Have Their Work Cut Out For Them This Year!

benedict cumberbatch lookalike otters Photo contest - 7005378816
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But This Time, the Advantage is Mine

we meet again james bond evil otters - 6948455424
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No Use Hiding, I Can Smell It

sea otters hungry otters who fish - 6967073280
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"My Heart Will Go On" is Now Stuck in Your Head

titanic sinking water otters never let go - 6947072256
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Can't See it Myself...

face of course otters light - 6935411456
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Otters Get the Best Pick-Up Lines

come over here flirting puns pick-up lines otters - 6935283200
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We Need to Talk

sea otters relationship people pun otters breaking up - 6891710464
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Nobody Puts Otter in the Corner

song otters dirty dancing - 6765538816
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Near, Far, Wherever You Are

titanic sinking Movie otters never let go - 6689794816
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I'm a Little Behind on Movies

baby otters name - 6604614656
See all captions Created by toniaga