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They'll Share Our Long Necks

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Via Bonita Farthing

Never Feed a Giraffe a Cheerio

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A Real Joker

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It's a Real Stretch

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Created by onefinekitty

Our Necks Are a Match Made in Heaven

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Just Ask the Experts!

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I've Had it Up to HERE With This Snow!

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Created by Unknown

And You're Frustrated When Your Dog Begs at the Table

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Don't you Stick Your Tongue out at me!

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Created by Unknown

Sometimes it's Worth Sticking Your Neck Out

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Mom! I'm Too Tall for This!

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Created by Unknown

Alright, but no Tongue

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He's a Really Big Fanny of it

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Created by Unknown

It's for Wusses

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Created by dbvics

For the Extreme Giraffe

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Created by Unknown

Cause That Would Be Dull

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