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4 pictures of elephants and birds, 18 pictures of text, and 1 video of elephants and birds | Thumbnail includes three pictures of elephants and birds and 1 picture of text including 'jagiellonjkaii Bro thinks hes the main character in an animated movie'

Awwdorable Elephant Calf Takes A Tumble While Bolting After Birds, Runs to Momma In Heartwarming Animal Video Showing There's Nothing Like a Mother's Love

Moms are the same, no matter the species
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jungle-book jungle photography bear panther jungles photos animal wild-animals animal-photos beautiful shaaz-jung cool interesting disney mogli

Wild Animal Photographer Finds the Bear Necessities, Recreating Nostalgic Scenes From the 'Jungle Book'

Baloo, Shere Khan, and Bagheera– all in their natural coats
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25 pictures and memes of elephants | Thumbnail includes one picture of a baby elephant pulling on a trunk, one meme of a baby elephant including 'baby elephant at the zoo got a box of hay for her 6 month birthday and she got so happy that she fell over HAPPYS 763 MONTHS' and one picture of text including 'Let's go home 🐘😅'

A Mother's Love: 25 Awwdorable Elephant Multi-Tusking Mommies With Babies That Are An Earful

These moms are elephantastic
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36 elephant pics and gifs

35+ Effervescent Elephant Pics and Gifs Showing How Gentle These Giants Truly Are

Truly amazing
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25 animal pictures | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Eye' and 'Toy'

Cute And Captivating: 25 Pawsitively Precious Photos Of Baby Animals To Brighten Your Day

These heartwarming photos are about to make you smile from ear to ear.
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26 animal memes and pictures | Thumbnail includes two pictures including a smiling puppy and a judging cat

26 Animal Pictures and Memes to Make Your Saturday That Much Better (September 2, 2023)

It's Saturday! One of the best days of the week. After all that work, stress, and challenges , it's time to finally put it all behind and start the weekend! Those unanswered emails from work? they can wait. Those errands you have been postponing all week? just push them to next week! Now is no time for stress, now is “Me Time”. And nothing makes “Me Time” better than a bunch of funny and cute animal pictures (And a few memes to spice it up). We've got dogs, we've got cats, rats, octopi, ducklin…
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List of 24 animal images | thumbnail includes two images including 'Felidae' and 'Dog'.

24 Pics Of Adorable Animal Friendships Full Of Mood-Boosting Goodness To Last You Through The Workweek

Good vibes upon you, intrepid travelers.
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22 elephant memes and 2 videos of elephants | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Elephant - PLEASE STOP SAYING SWAG' and 'Human - Remember that someone is always having a worse day than you!'

Your Argument Is Irr-elephant: 24 Entertaining Elephant Memes Because Elephants Never Forget A Good Joke

Their sense of humor is....unforgettable
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17 pictures and gifs of elephants and dogs | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Elephant' and 'Dog'

15+ Wholesome Pics And Gifs Of Playful Pooches Fearlessly Frolicking And Making Friends With Enormous Elephantine Playmates

Looking for: New elephant best friend, all sizes welcome
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15 pictures of elephants, vehicles, and text and 1 video of elephants, vehicles, and text | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Automotive tire', 'Tire - 0 R AN', and 'Font - headentom Grand Theft Cane 1w 880 likes Reply'

Amazing Act Of The Day: Elephants Learn To Steal Sugar Cane From Passing Trucks, Knowing That People Have To Stop For Them (Pictures & Video)

Gotta pay the elephant tax
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List of funny and cute animal images and videos | thumbnail includes two images including an African wild dog and a baby cheetah on a human - 'The dangers of photographing the wild life in Africa.'.

The Circle Of Life: 17 Sweet, Silly, And Sassy Safari Animals Living It Up In The Savannah

Please don't imaginary feed the imaginary animals, thank you.
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30 pictures, comments, and videos of elephants | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Cabinetry', 'Hand', and 'Font - "This is not a good place for an elephant" coffee cups and cutlery being tossed.'

It's Time To Talk About The Elephant In The Room: Woman Fosters Baby Elephant And It Absolutely Destroys Her House (Pictures and Videos)

Spoiler alert - it pees on her floor.
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21 pictures and videos of animals | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Dog - In' and 'Dog'

One Up, One Down - A Collection Of 21 Perfect Pictures And Videos Of Expressive Ears From All Over The Animal Kingdom

The floofs have spoken, with their ears!
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13 facebook comment responses | thumbnail blue background panda graphic and elephant graphic "If Every Animal Was The Size Of A House Cat, Which Would You Want As A Pet?"

Animal Comedy Enthusiasts Answer: If Every Animal Was The Size Of A House Cat, Which Would You Want As A Pet?

What would you choose?
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That Hurts My Feewings!

Elephant Captioned
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