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That Hurts My Feewings!

Elephant Captioned
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Don't Mind If I Do!

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Watch This Elephant Make a Triumphant Escape Thanks to the Rescuer Who Dug Him a Path Out of the Well He Was Trapped In

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Fall in Love With These Orphan Baby Elephants Who Introduce Their Human Friend to a Wild Elephant Herd

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Watch This Brand New Baby Elephant Play in the Mud

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Watch This Baby Elephant Try to Keep Up With His New Dog Friend

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This Elephant Escaped the Circus Just to Go Shop at a Flea Market?

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It's Instinctual

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I'm Not Sure We Can Find a Bed Big Enough

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Precious Baby Elephant Figures Out Bath Time With Help From His Mom

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Make Sure to Flush Before You Drink That Water

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Elephants Get Up Close and Personal With a Camera Left Out in the Wild

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Can You Even Pick Stuff Up With It?

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