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Adorably Mischievous Animals Going Full Goblin Mode

We can't really tell you what it means when an animal goes “ goblin mode .” You kind of just know. It can be anything from a subtle devious look, to a full-on explosion of ravenous chaos. Often, watching animals lose their sh-t can feel pretty relatable—sometimes you just need to let loose without giving a single heck. There's a Twitter account, @mischiefanimals , that does a wonderful job chronicling all the wild instances of animals going bonkers, and we've collected some of our favorite rece…
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Funny Memes & Pictures of Animals Being Total Goofballs

Unlike humans, animals don't necessarily have to perform in order to entertain others. A goofy-looking cat who transitions awkwardly between sleeping positions can potentially inspire more delight in a person than a professional comic with years of experience and practice. No one bats an eye when I wash my hair, but a shampooed cow? Standing ovation. Even the most painfully low-effort memes can fully recover if they feature a funny or adorable animal. That said, we've rounded up a glorious coll…
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