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Jungle Cat

lions gifs cute Cats - 8455043328
gifs cute elephants bubbles - 73842433

This Trunk Is Great for Blowing Bubbles

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What Does This Do?

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Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath

bath birds gifs - 8303013888
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Lap Owl

petting lap gifs birds owls scritches squee - 6994374656


adorable baby cat dawww gifs kitten reaching sleepy stars stretch stretching unbearably squee - 5185070336


accident cruel do not want fall falling gifs injury mean oops panda panda bear panda bears siblings tree trick - 5560411392

Look Who Just Discovered Leap Frog!

cute gifs kitten - 8241540352
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No, It's Mine!

baby panda bear gifs ball - 8085588224

Bear Returning Dumpster

gifs bears critters funny - 7720174592
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This Dog Apologizes by Giving Irresistibly Adorable Hugs

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High Five!

Babies cute gifs high five red panda - 6535574272


bird brushing cockatiel do want gifs Hall of Fame happy lolwut rubbing squee toothbrush - 5305111040

Up Close and Squee

baby cub Fluffy gifs panda bear squee up close - 6576770560
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Bunday: Case of the Mondays

squee happy bunday Bunday bunny rabbit gifs mondays lazy - 6687797504
Via Lovely Lops
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I Don't Wanna Wake Up Yet

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