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Wombat Gets Rubs at The Zoo

gifs rubs critters wombats - 7295215104

Bunday: Grooming

Bunday gifs grooming cuddles bunny squee rabbits - 6827797504
Via The Daily Bunny

Piglet Socializes With Cats

gifs piglets critters cute Cats funny - 7793532416

Jungle Cat

lions gifs cute Cats - 8455043328


bunny gifs happy bunday Movie nomming noms Popcorn rabbit snack - 5510479616
gifs cute otters naps - 74770689

Wake Up Sleepyhead

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Turtle Bros

gifs reptile under water turtles high five squee - 6819022848
gifs cute owls Cats - 74711553

Best Friends Owl and Cat Jump and Play Together

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Bunday: Case of the Mondays

squee happy bunday Bunday bunny rabbit gifs mondays lazy - 6687797504
Via Lovely Lops

An Adorably Fierce Jungle Kitten

cute baby animal gifs kitten takes down giraffe
Via SuicidalSushi

White Lion Cubs

lions gifs critters cubs - 8418390016
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Vine )

Slow Loris Getting Groomed

gifs grooming cute - 7414704128

Hedgehogs are Definitely an Animal You Don't Have to Worry About During a Flood

floating gifs cute hedgehog - 8125787136
Via 3framemovies

Turtle in a Half Shell

Via alphaaa55

Ready for the Roller Derby

gifs birds parrot squee - 6719698176


hamster gifs spinning running - 6640393984
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