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I ain't seeing no buffalo, but there sure as heck are a bunch of deer around here. One of the cutest, and surprisingly menacing creatures, at least to suburbia, is the deer. Don't let those doe eyes and bushy tails fool you, turn your head at the wrong time and your Rhododendrons are gone! So check out all this stash of deer products you won't be disappointed in, and forget about your lost gardening award.

cute deer fawns Video orphan - 65531905

Watch These Adorable Orphaned Fawns Return to the Wild

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Whatsit: Dwarf Bambi

whatsit tiny deer whatsit wednesday squee - 6818885376
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zoo deer Video - 51478017

Squee Spree: Pudú at the Zoo

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One Pound Pudu Fawn

deer fawn - 7684740608
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Hush, Deer

baby deer fawn flowers sleep snuggle - 5967800320
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It's Lunchtime, Babies!

fawns cute nursing deer - 8295813376
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deer nerd jokes Pokémon reindeer squee spree - 4288753920
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Interspecies Love: Bambi and Flower

Interspecies Love deer skunk Babies fawn bambi - 6613526016
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deer nap rabbit - 3305717248
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I Love You, Deer

deer fawns flowers hug meadow - 4434775040
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Whatsit: Deers in Disguise?

antelope deer disguise stripes whatsit wednesday - 6613901056
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Whatsit Wednesday: Melanistic Deer Squee

black coloring deer running unusual whatsit whatsit wednesday - 5469613056
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acting like animals advice deer field flowers peeking unique - 5040334848
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Interspecies Love: Deer Kisses

cat deer gifs grooming Interspecies Love KISS - 6292970240
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Whatsit: Floofy Deer?

deer floof fur whatsit wednesday - 6328094720
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friendship friends deer sweet species Cats animals - 832261

This Cat and Deer Have an Adorable Friendship

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