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Interspecies Love: Fleecy Couple

Interspecies Love Fluffy goats fleece sheep squee - 7104015360
Created by Unknown

Creepicute: Like a Moth to Fluff

creepicute creepy cute Fluffy Hall of Fame insect moth poll - 5711674624
Via 123Zero

Great Balance!

balance Fluffy mouse shrew - 6162039296
Via addelburgh.tumblr.com

Bunday: Floofer

Bunday bunnies Fluffy squee rabbits - 7104474880
Via Addelburgh

Squee Spree: Ultra Squee

squee spree squee sand cat Fluffy whiskers - 6705375488
Via Ark in Space

Squeeful Talents

cute Fluffy nose red panda squee tongue - 4350382336
Created by sixonefive72

It's So Fluffy!

Babies Fluffy cute otters sleeping - 8184016384
Via mooooocow

Bunday: Fluffy Friends

blanket bunny Fluffy hamster happy bunday rabbit squee - 6535523072
Via Bunnzies

I Can Touch My Tongue To My Nose!

cow Fluffy furry nose tongue - 6283476736
Created by Unknown

Whatsit: Mysterious Ball of Fluff

whatsit climbing Fluffy tongue lemur monkey whatsit wednesday squee bear - 6763900416
Via Victoria Hillman

I'm Not a Snowball!

baby bird birds chick fluff Fluffy snowball squee tawny frogmouth - 4348539904
Created by Fauxpaws

Fluffiest Pine Cone

birds Fluffy owls feathers squee - 6696166912
Via Anne Elliott

Reader Squee: Waiting for a Treat

reader squee squee pet cat treat Fluffy - 6624954112
Created by tzigane


baby bird down Fluffy tiny whatsit wednesday - 4442223104
Created by Unknown

Who's Ready for Spring!?

cute Fluffy rabbits piglets - 8079795712
Created by Unknown
puppies Fluffy handful the pet collective Operation Aww - 55798017

A Handful of Pomeranian

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