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I Can Touch My Tongue To My Nose!

cow Fluffy furry nose tongue - 6283476736

Squee Spree: Puffball

alpaca Fluffy squee spree - 6437758464
Via Cutest Paw


baby bird feathers fluff Fluffy robin - 4768659712

Reader Squee: Cuddly Wuddly Bunny

Bunday cuddly reader squee Fluffy rabbit bunny squee - 6930247424
Created by bondagefairy

Interspecies Love: Fleecy Couple

Interspecies Love Fluffy goats fleece sheep squee - 7104015360

Reader Squee: Super Fluffy Feet

Fluffy paws pet reader squee - 6341180928
Created by Grannyman


duckling Fluffy Fluffy Friday - 3716895488
Created by AngelAndz

Thirsty Little Fluffy Tail

cute drink Fluffy tail squirrels squee - 7892433920

It's So Fluffy!

Babies Fluffy cute otters sleeping - 8184016384
Via mooooocow

Is it Possible to be Too Fluffy?

Fluffy cute big cats funny - 8208484096
Via Pimping_NZ

Squee Spree: Fluffy Loris Climber

branch branches climb Fluffy loris Slow Loris squee squee spree trees - 6206303488
Via 123Zero

Arctic Puppy Bunnies? Yes Please!

cute Fluffy puppies - 8034428672

Creepicute: Like a Moth to Fluff

creepicute creepy cute Fluffy Hall of Fame insect moth poll - 5711674624
Via 123Zero

Bunday: Chin Rest

bunny cuddles Fluffy friends happy bunday rabbit - 6570516224
Via Bunny Food

Big Noms Little Sloth

melon baby Fluffy food noms claws squee sloth - 6687446272
Via Addelburgh


duck floof Fluffy - 3910544128
Created by toriell48