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And the Race is Won by Just a Hare!

gifs race horses - 7902757888
Created by Unknown

Science Has Gone Too Far

wtf gifs science horses - 7295942144
Created by Unknown

Horsing Around A Bit

wtf gifs mirrors horses - 8118172160
Created by ToolBee

Not Very Stable Yet

critters FAIL fall gifs horses - 8325186560
Created by ToolBee

This Cat was Raised by Horses

Cats gifs funny horses - 8219508992
Via ruler3

One of These Things Isn't Like The Other

gifs critters cute horses - 8460247296
Created by Unknown

Where Did The Horse Go?

gifs critters pugs TV horses - 8300530688
Created by ToolBee

Let Me Play You the Song of My People

gifs Music horses - 7074234112
Created by Unknown

Not a Good Baby Sitter

critters FAIL fall gifs horses - 8258031104
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Friends Reunite

camels cute horses - 8221020416

How About You Put the Saddle on and I Ride You!

gifs funny horses - 7962229248
Created by Unknown

The Ice Bucket Challenge On a Horse Isn't a Good Idea

gifs buckets horses - 8299933952
Via Bing
gifs work out critters horses - 383493

If You Need Some Inspiration to Not Skip Leg Day, Watch This Horse's Work Out Routine

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It Helps Him Swat the Flies

gifs funny horses - 8263921920
Created by anselmbe

Let's Play Horsy, Dad!

animal moms - Horse

Pony Attempts to Moonwalk

FAIL gifs critters horses - 7400296192
Created by Unknown