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GIF Horse Thinks Kid Goat is Cute

gif of a horse and a goat getting along well
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Cheezburger )

Line Dancing Horse

GIF of a dancing horse
Created by _C_A_T_

Of Horse This Would Happen

critters fall gifs horses - 8255215360
Via Bing

It Helps Him Swat the Flies

gifs funny horses - 8263921920
Created by anselmbe

Horsing Around A Bit

wtf gifs mirrors horses - 8118172160
Created by ToolBee

Little Dwarf Horse is Terribly Cute

cute gifs horses - 8342731776
Created by Unknown

Unlikely Friends

buds gifs critters horses - 8376187648
Created by Unknown

Pony Excited to Be Around

ponies gifs critters running horses - 7346551808
Created by Unknown

This Cat was Raised by Horses

Cats gifs funny horses - 8219508992
Via ruler3

And the Race is Won by Just a Hare!

gifs race horses - 7902757888
Created by Unknown

Science Has Gone Too Far

wtf gifs science horses - 7295942144
Created by Unknown

Not a Good Baby Sitter

critters FAIL fall gifs horses - 8258031104
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Friends Reunite

camels cute horses - 8221020416

The Ice Bucket Challenge On a Horse Isn't a Good Idea

gifs buckets horses - 8299933952
Via Bing
group of white wild horses running through water

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You're No Don(key) Juan...

donkeys gifs kicks horses - 8170649088
Created by Unknown
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