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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

Stop it!

gifs puppies cute squee - 8137101056
Created by anselmbe

Not a Creature was Stirring, Except for a Mouse

cute christmas tree - 7960603392
Created by Unknown

Sleepy Kissies

nap kisses kitten cute sleepy - 7609890560
Created by ani.s4

I Refuse Your Human Kisses

gifs kisses critters cute pugs - 8447758592
Created by Unknown

The Potatoes Have Escaped!

gifs puppies cute - 8125827584
Via I Raff I Ruse

Kitteh Wins!

gifs cute kitties playing - 7352603648
Created by muriell
gifs of cute cats

10 Cat Gifs Of Cats Just Being Adorable

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"Who Dares to Disturb My Slumber?"

Cats cute gifs - 8471089920
Created by anselmbe

Ai Attack Yur Toes

attack kitten cute - 7646172416
Via Tumblr

Nobody Else Would Brush Him

brush snuggle friends cute hedgehogs Cats - 7863617024
Created by Unknown

This Cute Margay is Enjoying a Caturday Patrol

gifs cute Cats - 8349773568
Via biomorphosis

Can I Come Too?

gifs seals critters cute boats - 8118226944
Created by ToolBee

Red Panda Does His Work Out

gifs red pandas cute - 7383536128
Created by Unknown

Alright, Up Top!

Cats cute high five friends gifs - 7946889472
Created by Unknown

Dog Biscuits

puppies cute cookies - 8101220352
Created by beernbiccies

I Must Attack it!

Cats cute attack funny play kitten - 8014128384
Created by beernbiccies