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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

A Tall Glass of Kitten

kitten cute glass play hand - 7766299136

Too Cute to be Real

Babies boxes cute gifs play playing red panda red pandas squee - 6040677120
Created by Unknown

Sweet cow grooming cat

Via Reddit

Excitment Over The Game

ipads gifs cute Cats - 8443344384
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Otterly Cute Cub

gifs critters cute otters - 8371267584
Created by Unknown

Sleepy Porcupine

Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )

Slow Loris Getting Groomed

gifs grooming cute - 7414704128
Created by Unknown

Too Tired

tired kitten cute - 7625873920
Via Tastefully Offensive

And I...Had the Time of my Life

Cats cute gifs - 8179524352
Created by Donald ( Via )

Ai Bite U!

gifs cute bite Cats funny - 7981954560
Created by Unknown

No Pictures! There's a Reason I Wear a Mask!

disguise gifs cute raccoons - 8010762496

The First Time the Reflection Won!

monkeys mirrors reflection cute funny - 8034159872

Anything For You

Funny kitten GIF in which the little cat almost looks like he is begging for more food.
Created by Unknown

Oooh Yeah...Right There...Purrrfect!

Cats cute gifs funny kitten massage - 8136051456

I Can't Stop Begging

gifs critters cute begging - 7165681152
Created by Unknown

Where Do You Think You're Going?

gifs cute pet Cats national cat day 2013 - 7870015488
Created by catsuberalles