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"We're guessing you don't know how stupid your last comment was."

birds gifs critters owls - 8455731456
Created by anselmbe
if birds had arms gifs

If Birds Had Arms (19 Gifs)

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Finch in The Sunflower

birds gifs critters flowers - 8455488256
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Vimeo )

Get In Line, Boys

bird birds flirt gifs romance - 6069780480
Via Head Like An Orange

Crow Checks Out a Camera at The New Hockey Stadium

crows birds gifs critters - 8451726336

Who Are You Talking To?!

angry birds camera excited parrot - 6450331136

When Your Bite of Spaghetti is Too Big

birds gif hunt snakes lucky - 7949873920
Created by SatevisM

Be Very Careful Now, If You Want to Keep This Finger

birds gifs critters cute owls - 8446623744
Created by anselmbe

Cockatoos Meet an Imposter

birds critters gifs - 8266845696
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )


bear eagle hit gifs birds - 6695539456

Frogmouth Aint Havin' It

birds gifs nope - 6677665536

Pelican in Flight

gifs fly pelican birds - 6745127680

Pure Intimidation

Cat chilling out with a bunch of baby chicks just pecking around him and he not reacting.

"Crazy Cormorants," Said The Heron

birds gifs critters - 8452959744
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )


gifs birds cuddle friends close - 6818373376

Did That Tree Just Fly?

trees wtf birds gifs - 8206820608
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