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Ducks Love Laser Pointers Too!

birds chase duck gifs laser red dot - 6450332672
Created by Unknown

Bald Eagle Defeats Rubber Turtle

birds gifs critters - 8161648128
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Eek! What is it!? What is it!?

Created by Unknown

You Never Listen to Me, Mom

birds critters gifs - 8202803456
Created by ToolBee ( Via Head Like an Orange )

Mind if I Steal Your SWANWICH??

swan steal gifs birds sandwich thief - 6958201344
Created by Unknown
list birds gifs critters - 287493

Warning: This GIF List of 10 Jobs For Wombats May Cause a Destabilizing Surge in The Amount of Wombats Employed

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Having Some Trouble With Liftoff

swan gifs fly birds - 7082861568
Via Head Like An Orange

Sick Moves, Budgie

awesome birds gifs parakeet skateboard skateboarding trick wheel - 6148997376
Created by Unknown

Pelican in Flight

gifs fly pelican birds - 6745127680
Created by Unknown


kingfisher gifs birds water pond - 6890600960
Via Head Like An Orange

Sinky Duckie

gifs duckling duck birds swim sink - 6748468992
Created by Unknown

Cockatiel Playing Music on iPad

birds gifs critters - 8556183808
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Is Today My Day to Fly? Nope.

Bird - Alxbngala Tumblr
Created by Unknown

Might Have To Get Turnt to Understand This

mindwarp birds gifs Deal With It critters owls - 8446622720
Created by anselmbe

Third Floor, Please

cute birds gifs - 8185172992
Created by anselmbe ( Via )

Say What?

birds gifs awesome reaction - 7341692416
Via Matthejew
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