Animal Gifs


Waiting for Scraps

birds fishing gifs nom ocean pelican - 6519356160
Created by Unknown

Derps in Love

Created by Unknown

Nawt Sharing.

birds food geese gifs goose mine nom - 6009377792
Created by Unknown

Adjusting to Your Surroundings is Key to Survival

birds gifs critters - 8284712704
Via Bing

Even If You Don't Have Teeth... You Should Still Brush Your Teeth.

brush gifs birds teeth parrot toothbrush - 7047583488
Created by Unknown

Puffins Standing on a Piano

birds gifs critters - 8186530560
Created by Unknown

Did That Tree Just Fly?

trees wtf birds gifs - 8206820608
Created by Unknown

Finch in The Sunflower

birds gifs critters flowers - 8455488256
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Vimeo )

Ducks Love Laser Pointers Too!

birds chase duck gifs laser red dot - 6450332672
Created by Unknown

A Little Help With the Preening

Created by Unknown


birds critters gifs - 8441330688
Created by Unknown

Chicken Dance!

chicken birds dance gifs - 6593852928
Created by Unknown

Crows are basically pirates

Crow shows just how smart they are by sneaky stealing a fish from a penguin
Via Know Your Meme

She Found Our Secret Clubhouse

boxes birds gifs Cats - 7380549376
Via Youtube

The Critter Window

birds critters gifs turtles squirrels - 8304963584
Created by AnimalRescues ( Via The Critter Window )

Birds Struggle With The Steps

birds critters gifs stairs - 8180224000
Created by Unknown