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Happy Howlidays

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Simba? You Look Different Than In The Movies

Gif of dog dressed as lion
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Keep Tryin' Little Buddy

gif of daschund puppy trying to get a balloon
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Going, Going, Gone

Gif of dog playing fetch
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Hello Handsome!

Gif of dog looking at self in mirror
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The Tail Wagging Another Dog

gif of happy dogs tail hitting other dog
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Pint Sized Thief

small dog steals big dogs treats gif
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Forget About That Tree Falling In The Forest.

gif move being watched caption - 8583184384
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I Deserve Better A Treat Than Whatever Is In Your Pocket

gif tricks rubber duck - 8502798848
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Parkour Dog Forever!

parkour gif wall - 8495002624
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The grass is lava

gif - 7388862976
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I'll Get You Those 'Likes' You Like So Much Human

like gif social media - 8432168704
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Pup Propelled Fetcher

fetch gif puggle - 8370441984
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Just Missed It

gif german shepherd FAIL - 8359121152

That's Far Enough, Baby!

Gif of a cute little dog that sits down and blocks a baby from reaching the water at the beach, delaying long enough for mom to arrive.
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The Look You Get Whenever You Sing

GIF of two Labradors and poodle mix dogs giving funny looks at the camera because the person is singing.