I Has A Hotdog Newsletter


That is one happy Dog

gif happy playing - 8574805760
Created by anselmbe

Iz Ready For Da Snow!

Via littleanimalgifs.tumblr.com

Good Try Buddy, Good Try

gif play golden retriever - 8574049024
Created by tamaleknight

Birds Of A Feather Play Together

gif running play boxer - 8574301184
Created by Unknown


drink gif beer - 8552058880
Created by anselmbe

That is evil

gif catch nose - 8546053376
Created by anselmbe

Flop - Flop - Flop

Cute GIF of a dog with floppy ears walking toward the camera
Created by anselmbe

Paint Brush Goggie

gif baby paint - 8598980096
Created by Unknown

Practicing For The Circus Or For A BB8 Audition

Via Giphy

But What Is Under The Bucket?

Via Giphy

Well I Saw This Seat Open Up So...

gif of puppy sitting on cat's face
Via daily cat gifs

I Tried To Stay Up For New Years But...

gif of puppy who cant stay awake
Via lolgifs

I Needz A Hug

gif of one dog hugging another
Via lottiethecollie

I Saw You From Across The Park

gif of two dogs in christmas outfits
Via asada becauseitschristmas

Now Bring It In For A Hug

gif of dog giving another dog a hug
Via lbdlfn

He's Unstoppable!

gif of pomeranian spliced with terminator footage
Via tastefully offensive