I Has A Hotdog

german shepherd

Richard Bower Found His Dog Online After Being Missing for Over a Year

missing german shepherd feels reunited - 8437847040
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Dem Boots!

police dog german shepherd boots k9 - 8428118272
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Maybe He Thinks Your Keeping Watch During Walks

poop german shepherd i have no idea what im doing - 8426316032
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Playing Fetch by Process of Elimination

fetch german shepherd - 8425300736
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Hope You Enjoyed Yourself

animals german shepherd snowball - 8408895232
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Yep, Dog for Brains

gifs german shepherd - 8407823616
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Lolcat Mythology

ceiling cat kitten german shepherd - 8407652096
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Ceiling Cat is My Shepherd Through the Shepherds

animals german shepherd ceiling cat Cats - 8381270016
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Halloween was Last Week

german shepherd halloween wiener dog - 8369764096
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Don't Worry, You Will Grow into it

police puppy german shepherd - 8362686976
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Three Packs a Day

hot dogs tricks german shepherd - 8362587648
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Either Way, I Want

german shepherd puppy kangaroo squee - 8360475904
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Just Missed It

gif german shepherd FAIL - 8359121152
By Unknown
german shepherd sleeping snoring - 65231873

German Shepherd Hilariously Wakes Up from Deep Sleep

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383... 384...

german shepherd exercise - 8341264128
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He's Got That Crazy Look in His Eye

german shepherd blackmail selfie Cats - 8339436032
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