I Has A Hotdog


Dog Skills

fetch catch gifs ball - 8457539584
By ani.s4 (Via vine.co)

You're as Bad as the Cat

fetch stick joke rude - 8473214976
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Butter Paws Didn't Make the Team

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By Unknown
fetch ball jack russell terrier - 69680641

The Longest Game of Fetch

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fetch skills dachshund hockey Video - 69581825

Canadian Dachshunds are Known For Their Hockey Skills

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"A" For Effort

captions fetch Forest log puppy stick tongue what breed - 6534349824
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fetch neighbors Video - 69357057

Watch The Best Way To Fetch A Ball From Your Neighbor’s Yard Ever

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What is it with You Throwing these Things, Anyway?

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We Thought This Was Your Favorite Game?

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I Do Not Think This Means What You Think it Means

Sad fetch puppy - 8449569792
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Hold it Right There, Bub

Cats id fetch - 8444302336
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Can We Play Fetch Now?

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Just Act as if Nothing Happend

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By anselmbe

Playing Fetch by Process of Elimination

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fetch failboat Video - 66707713

I'll Just Leave These Dog Fetch Fails Here

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This Is Supposed to Be for MY Amusement

fetch whoops bulldog - 8376778752
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