I Has A Hotdog


Extreme Concentration

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Created by Unknown

You Have to Teach'em the Facts Young

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See all captions Created by toddlorenz

They'll Take it Where They can get it

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Created by Unknown

A Great Reason to Smile

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It Feels Good to be Productive

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Created by Unknown

And That WILL be the End of the Game

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See all captions Created by JeanneBaldwin

No Problem...I Can Wait...

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Created by Unknown
fetch river creative Video - 55326721

Resourceful Dog Plays Fetch with the River

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I Found Your Stick...It was in the Swamp, but I Found It

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Created by Monica

Just Another Ball Hog

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See all captions Created by TurkeyDumpin

Well, I'm Not Falling for it Again...Dangit!

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Created by Unknown

No Big Deal, Right?

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Created by Unknown

C'mon, Little Hoomin. Do Your Job

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Created by beernbiccies ( Via Gifak )

Just to Be Sure

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Created by Unknown

What's the Worst That Could Happen?

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Created by Unknown

Dog Fetch's a Stick That Has a Go Pro Camera Attached

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Created by Unknown