I Has A Hotdog



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I'll explain the rules again if you like...

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Just This Once?

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This Strong, Independent Dog Doesn't Need a Human to Play Fetch

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Damn You, Human!

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Foreign Exchange Student Goggies First Time Seeing Chompsticks

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Dog Tries to Play Fetch With a Doll and Obviously Fails

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Dog Tries To Fetch Darts Thrown On TV

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Going, Going, Gone

Gif of dog playing fetch
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How Am I Gonna Fetch It From Here!

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Fetch That Toy Car Before He Gets Away!

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This Dog Likes to Help Out Around the House When He Plays Fetch

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This Dog Is So Dedicated to Fetch He's Willing to Destroy His Own Living Room to Get That Tennis Ball

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Of Course, Sir

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Always Have A Branching Out Buddy

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Skeptical Dog Has You Figured Out

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